Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
July 16, 2024

This meeting will be held at 5:30 PM in Chambers of the Boone County Government Center,
801 E Walnut Street, Columbia MO

 There will be a Closed Session following the Regular Meeting. 

This page was updated on 7/16/2024, 2:45 PM, to update the June Minutes for approval at the July Regular Board Meeting.

Join remotely by dialing in on your phone: (408) 650-3123, using access code 444-056-141



A.   Call Meeting to Order

B.  Roll Call

C.  Determination of Quorum

D.  Approval of the Revised Agenda 

E.  Approval of Minutes for June 2024 Regular Board Meeting 

F.  Approval of Closed Session Minutes for June 2024

G. Safety Discussion & Review Safety Minutes

H.  Public Comment

I.  Old Business

J.  Planning & Zoning Update

       J.2.  MBK Investments – Rock Bridge Development
       J.3.  Plat for Enterprise Drive

K.   Operations Update

       K.2.  Trip to Rock Creek
       K.3.  SL-RAT Advantage and Utilization Plan

L.  Director’s Report

      L.1.a.   Area Wide Management Plan
          L.1.b.  McClure Organization – Updated

         L.5.  Engineer Job Description – Added
         L.6.a. Project Highlight Status, Meeting with City
         L.7.  Status of P.E. Requirement
               a)  McClure
               b)  HDR

       L.8.a.  Midway Sewer Expansion Analysis – Added
       L.8.b.  2015 Map with Markups to Match Sorrell Presentation                                  – Added
       L.8.c.  Midway Impact Presentation – Added
       L.8.d.  Henderson Branch Sewer 07-01-2024 – Added

         L.9.  ARPA Update

M.  Human Resource & Finance Updates

       Finance & HR Memo

       M.1.a. June 2024 Checking Bank Statement
       M.1.b. Check Detail 01012024-06302024
       M.1.c. June 2024 Checking Bank Statement Reconciliation
       M.1.d. June 2024 Money Market Bank Statement
       M.1.e. June 2024 Money Market Bank Statement Reconciliation
       M.1.f. Balance Sheet 01012024-06302024
       M.1.g. Budget Vs Actual Report 01012024-06302024
       M.1.h. Profit & Loss Statement 01012024-06302024

M.2.  Payroll Software
M.3.  Training on Sunshine Law

N.  Project Update

O.  Consider:

P.  New Business

Y.  Vote to Hold 
Closed Meeting under Section 610.021 (1) & (2)

Z.  Adjournment

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