Board of Trustees Regular Meeting - October 19, 2021 @ 5:30 p.m.

Last Update: 10/19/21
Notice of Closed Session

This meeting will be held in a virtual setting through GoToMeeting. 

You can also join by phone by dialing (786)535-3211, using access code 736-451-685

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Board Packet Archive

D.  June 2021 Board Agenda 
E.  May 2021 Board Minutes
F.  June 2, 2021 Special Mtg Minutes

J.1. easement report June 2021

J.2.a. Permit Status Report 6-8-21
J.2.b. Permit Status Ammonia 6-8-21
J.3.a. 05-2021 Checking History
J.3.b. 05-2021 Checking Reconciliation
J.3.c. 05-2021 Mmk Reconciliation
J.3.d. 05-2021 Balance Sheet
J.3.e. 05-2021 Income Statement

March & April Financial Reports

03-2021 Balance Sheet

03-2021 Income Statement
3-2021 Checking History
03-2021 Checking Reconciliation
03-2021 Mmkt Reconciliation
04-2021 Balance Sheet

04-2021 Income Statement
04-2021 Checking History
04-2021 Checking Reconciliation
04-2021 Mmkt Reconciliation

J.5. Update of Status Report WIP 06-2021
K. Quarterly Financial Report 

Planning & Zoning Reports
P&Z Agenda 06-17-2021
Monthly Permits by Number May 2021
Monthly Permits by Value May 2021
YTD Permits Comp by Number May 2021 
YTD Permits Comp by Value May 2021

L.2.a. LOW and NOV History
L.2.b. Schedule of Compliance Report 2-5-21
L.2.c. SOC Report Disinfection & NH3 3-8-21
L.3.  2021 RFQ, Municipal Advisor
L.7. GM Job Description, 05-2021

L.8. Communication Plan 06-2021
L.9. Marple email, Brookfield Estates

M.1. May 21 O&M Summary

M.2. Annual maintenance summary 2021
M.3. May 2021 SCL Report
M.4. Hillcreek Service Call Tracking
M.5. 2021 Rocky Fork Monthly Flows


N.1. Memo FY 2020 Audit

N.2. 12-31-20 Audit Communications Letter
N.3. 12-31-20 Final Audit Report
O. Agreement, McClure, Midway Facility Plan
P. 6-2021 Health & Safety Personnel Policy Addition
Q. Svc Agreement, Butch’s Investments
R. 3-phase Elec Svcs Agreement
S. Electric Easement to BEC for Shalimar Gardens
U. Professional Svcs  Change Order No. 1
W.1.  Background Information 
W.2.  Charges – Customer Groupings
W.3.  Revision to BCRSD’s Design Regs, Drip Dispersal Systems

D.  July 2021 Board Agenda 
E.  June 2021 Board Minutes

H.1. easement report June 2021

H.2.a. Permit Status Report 
H.2.b. Permit Status Amonia
H.2.c. Disinfection Report
H.3.a. 06-2021 Checking History
H.3.b. 06-2021 Checking Reconciliation
H.3.c. 05-2021 Mmk Reconciliation
H.3.d. 05-2021 Balance Sheet
H.3.e. 05-2021 Income Statement

I. Quarterly Financial Report 


Planning & Zoning Reports

J.1.a. P&Z Agenda 06-17-2021
J.1.b. Monthly Permits by Number June 2021
J.1.c. Monthly Permits by Value June 2021
J.1.d. YTD Permits Comp by Number June 2021 
J.2.a. LOW and NOV History
J.2.b. Schedule of Compliance Report 2-5-21
J.4.a. 2021 RFQ Legal Services Responses

J.4.b. 2021 RFQ Municipal Advisor Responses
J.6. American Rescue Plan  
J.8. Summary Richardson Acres & Brown Station 
J.11. Boone County Fire Protection District

J.12. City of Sturgeon
J.13. CenturyLink AT&T (FirstNet) Proposals
J.14. MDNR Meeting Comments IUP
J.15.a. Water’s Edge Capacity Evaluation
J.15.b. Water’s Edge Damcut3
J.15.c. Water’s Edge Cost Estimate
J.17. COVID Response Chart 

K.1. May 21 O&M Summary

K.2. Annual maintenance summary 2021
K.3. May 2021 SCL Report
K.4. Hillcreek Service Call Tracking
K.5. 2021 Rocky Fork Monthly Flows

L.  Proposal HDR for Water’s Edge
M. Proposal HDR for Brookfield Estates/Oak Hill WWTF
N. Revised General Manager’s Job Description
O. Revisions to Chapter 5
P. Consider Proposal from McClure for a report on the Sturgeon Wastewater System

D. August 2021 Board Agenda REVISED
E. DRAFT July 2021 Board Minutes

H.1.  Easement Report July 2021

H.2.a. Permit Status Report by Date
H.2.b. Permit Status Ammonia
H.2.c. SOC Report Disinfection
H.3.a 07-2021 Checking History
H.3.b 07-2021 Checking Reconciliation
H.3.c. 07-2021 MMKT Reconciliation
H.3.d. 07-2021 Income Statement
H.3.e. 07-2021 Balance Sheet
H.4. 07-2021 Outstanding Bills
H.5. Update of Status Report WIP

P&Z: Permit YTD By Number NEW
P&Z: Permit YTD By Value NEW
P&Z: Permit Monthly By Number NEW
P&Z: Permit Monthly By Value NEW
P&Z: Permit Revenue Chart NEW
P&Z: 08-19-21 NEW
I.2. LOW and NOV History
I.5.  American Rescue Plan
I.7.a. Ltr to City from Ford, Parshall, Baker – BC Fire Stn 06-22-21
I.7.b. City Letter to Ford, Parshall, Baker 08-06-2021 REVISED
I.8.  Comment on IUP  NEW
I.9. LIH Water Assistance Program, Colleague Letter 06-02-21
I.11. Memo – actual usage billing option
I.12. Ltr from MDNR RE BC Private WWTF, 07-16-2021
I.13. Butch’s Investments DRAFT development agreement 08-2021
I.15.  08-2021 Memo Personnel Policy Updates Work Days & UniformO & M REPORTS

J.1. July 2021 O&M Summary
J.2. Annual maintenance summary 2021
J.3.  June 21 Service Call Labor Report
J.4. Hillcreek Service Call Tracking
J.5. 2021 Rocky Fork Monthly Flows

K.1.  Savings Eval with CenturyLink
K.2.  CenturyLink Contract NEW
L.1. Savings Eval  FirstNet
L.2.  AT&T FirstNet Agreement NEW
M.  General Manager’s Revised Job DescriptionN.  Change Order 1 on Shalimar Gardens PS Improvements
O.  O&M Agreement, City of Sturgeon


D. September 2021 Board Agenda
E. DRAFT August 2021 Board Minutes

G.1.   Easement Report 
G.2.a. Permit Status Report by Date
G.2.b. Permit Status Ammonia
G.2.c. SOC Report Disinfection
G.3.a. 08-2021 Checking History 
G.3.b. 08-2021 Checking Reconciliation
G.3.c. 08-2021 MMKT Reconciliation
G.3.d. 08-2021 Income Statement
G.3.e. 08-2021 Balance Sheet
G.4.    08-2021 Outstanding Bills
G.5.    Safety Minutes
G.6.    Update of Status Report WIP 

H.1.a. P&Z Agenda
H.1.b. P&Z Permit Revenue Comp Chart 2021 0831 
H.1.c. P&Z Mnthly Bldng Permit Comp by Nmber 2021 0831
H.1.d. P&Z Monthly Permit Comp by Value 2021 0831
H.1.e. P&Z YTD Permit Comp by Number 2021 0831
H.1.f.  P&Z YTD Permit Comp by Value 2021 0831
H.2.a. LOW and NOV History
H.3.    Comment on IUP 09-2021
H.5.a. Draft Sewer Jet Lease Purchase RFP
H.5.b. Sewer Jet Quote – Armor Equipment 2020
H.5.c. Sewer Jet Quote – Coe Equipment 2020 
H.6.  Sludge Removal Trails West
H.7.  Request from Conrad Brown
H.8. Letter from Jesse Stephens, Re: Oak Hill NEW

I.1.  August 21 Summary
I.2.  Annual maintenance summary 2021
I.3.  Aug 21 Service Call Labor Report
I.4.  Hillcreek Service Call Tracking
I.5.  2021 Rocky Fork Monthly Flows

J. Consider Engagement Letter for Municipal Advisor
K. Consider Resolution Hiring General Counsel
K.1. Resolution for General Counsel NEW
L.  Consider Proposal from Bartlett & West
M  Consider Change Order #2 Shalimar Gardens PS
N. Consider Consent to Serve Letter 2570 E. Oakland Church